Our Services


Our select-service design experience is unmatched; we are proud to be the industry leader, with more than 300 hotels completed in the past five years. That experience translates into practical advantages for our clients; we know the brands and we’ve earned their trust, which means reviews and approvals are faster. Compliance is assured, revisions are minimal, back-and-forth is avoided. With our clean documentation, manufacturers and contractors get the clarity they need.

Hotel Design Strategy

Concept Development


Our deep familiarity with the brands allows us to strike precisely the right balance between adherence to the prescriptive elements and the opportunity for unique solutions. Market research provides us with insights into the locality that lead to the development of a concept that informs the narrative and overall design direction.


Hotel Interior Design

Planning + Design


Our consultative approach means we continually seek opportunities to create more value for our clients. We do not simply comply and execute. Our extensive capabilities and experience with complex projects enables us to achieve higher differentiation, market penetration and ROI. 

Hotel Design Consultants



Several of the major hotel brands have engaged us to write their design and technical standards, providing us with a uniquely qualified understanding of their requirements. This understanding translates into unmatched professionalism in our design documentation. And our ongoing communication with the brands means we are kept apprised of changes, so there are no surprises.